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From sourcing a splendid stone, to finding the perfect watch with extravagant design and elegant craftsmanship, I will open the door to the world’s most exclusive dealers, designers and professionals. If you are looking for a trusted valuation of an antique watch collection, investigating hallmarking or selling the perfect piece at auction, you will be in the safest hands.

The power of precious stones at luxury trade shows can never be underestimated. I have a wealth of experience at the world’s most elite expositions, so I will guide you effortlessly through the whole process.  


Specialist areas: 

  • Sales 

  • Repair and Polish

  • Valuation

  • Insurance

  • Auction 

  • Hallmarking 

  • Sourcing of Precious and Rare Stones 

  • Jewellery Design and Styling

  • Trade Show Development 

  • Window Displays and Packaging

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