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Moving valuable merchandise safely and securely across the global marketplace is never easy, so it’s vital to get practical advice and guidance early in the setup process. You need people with real world knowledge supporting you and handling all the logistical issues you could face. My team and I have over 30 years’ experience of sourcing, promoting, selling and delivering a variety of luxury items, from shoes and haute couture to diamonds, jewellery and fine watches. 

We have an extensive network of contacts in the official agencies you will need to negotiate with eg. HMRC, CiTES, VAT, Kimberly Office & DCMS. We have established relationships with the assorted NGOs with responsibilities to the trade eg. hallmarking, Chamber of Commerce, Lloyds, PR, Couriers and Freight forwarders. Using all this knowledge and experience, I will help you identify the right strategy to overcome each logistics hurdle.


Specialist areas: 

  • Management of Freight Services

  • Customs Clearance, Transhipment, Distribution 

  • Logistics Services 

  • Carnet Management 

  • Worldwide Insurance Services

  • Merchandise In Baggage (MIB)

  • Secure Vaulted Storage 

  • Event and Static Security Guarding 

  • Antique and Fine Art Services

  • Specialist Secure Viewing Rooms

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